Vermont State Monument

The Vermont State Monument.

Monument to the Vermont Brigade on Cemetery Ridge. duplicate (17935) duplicate (17934) Second Vermont Brigade Gettysburg September 2010

Dedicated: Oct. 1889.

Location: Located on the east side of Hancock Avenue approximately 300 feet south of the Copse of Trees.

Description: At the top of a tall granite column is a bronze sculpture depicting Brig. Gen. George Stannard holding a sword in his proper left hand. At the foot of the column is a square base which rests on a three granite steps. The memorial cost $11,750.00. Monument is a two-part granite shaft topped with a bronze statue of Brigadier General George Stannard and set on a six foot square stepped base. The lower part of the shaft has incised inscriptions and the Vermont coat-of-arms and the upper part is a fluted column with a Corinthian capital. Overall height is 57 feet.


Vermont Brigade (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Regiments)

The Vermont Brigade – 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Regiments – served as members of Grant’s Brigade in Howe’s Division of the Sixth Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiments are collectively honored by a monument.

1st Vermont Brigade lion. First Vermont Brigade Gettysburg February 2012

Dedicated Oct. 9, 1889.

Location: Marks position of 1st Vermont Brigade on July 2, 1863. Although never engaged actively, the 1st Vermont Brigade was exposed to solid shot and shell during the Gettysburg campaign. Located on the north side of Wright Avenue near the Plank Farm.

Description: Monument consists on a full-maned lion on a rectangular base. The lion appears to be rising from slumber, as he pushes himself up by his front paws. His mouth is open, as though in mid-roar. The Corps insignia of a cross is in low relief on the front of the base. Monument is a polished and hammered granite shaft with a sculptured representation of a lion on the top and set on a 7.4×3.10 foot rough hewn base. Overall height is 8 feet. Designed by C. W. Reed of the 9th Massachusetts Battery.

1st Vermont Cavalry

The 1st Vermont Cavalry served as members of Farnsworth’s Brigade in Kilpatrick’s Division of the Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

Monument to the 1st Vermont Cavalry Regiment. Gettysburg March 2012

Dedicated: Oct. 1889.

Location: North of South Confederate Avenue on John Snyder farm. The monument commemorates the services of the 1st Vermont Cavalry in Farnsworth’s ill-fated charge on July 3, 1863, following Longstreet’s Assault. Farnsworth reportedly fell about 75 yards southwest of the monument, in this charge against the Confederate right flank.

Description: Granite monument comprised of a rectangular block of stone, with overhanging cap, military insignia at top front; and text inscription. The monument is set atop a tiered base. Overall height is eight foot. An inscription is cut into the shaft on the north and south faces. Cavalry insignia encircles the top.

2nd United States Sharpshooters, Companies E & H (Vermont)

The 2nd United States Sharpshooters – Company E and H – served as members of  Ward’s Brigade in Birney’s Division of the Third Corps, Army of the Potomac. These companies came from Vermont and are honored by a monument.

Monument to Companies E and H, Vermont Sharpshooters. Vermont Sharpshooters Company E and H Company E and H Vermont Sharpshooters Gettysburg June 2012

Location: Located on the south side of Slyder Farm Lane in the garden area. The monument marks the position of the 2nd Sharpshooters on July 2, 1863, as they faced a marching column of Confederates in Hood’s Division.

Description: Granite monolith with reliefs of Vermont State seal, crossed muskets, and a hornet’s nest on the front. The text inscription is set within a scrolled tablet on front of the monolith. The monolith sits atop a rough-hewn base. Overall height is ten foot. Sculptured relief of hornet’s nest, crossed muskets and Vermont seal is on the north face. Inscriptions are on the east and west faces.

1st United States Sharpshooters, Company F (Vermont)

The 1st United States Sharpshooters – Company F – served as members of  Ward’s Brigade in Birney’s Division of the Third Corps, Army of the Potomac. These companies came from Vermont and are honored by a monument.

Vermont Sharpshooter Monument. Vermont Sharpshooters Company F Company F Vermont Sharpshooters Gettysburg September 2009

Dedicated Oct. 9, 1898.

Location: Located on the north end of Pitzer Woods north of Berdan Avenue. West of West Confederate Avenue. The monument marks the advanced site occupied by Co. F on the morning of July 2, 1863, when they advanced from the III Corps lines to the woods on the Fairfield (Millestown) Road, where they met Confederate skirmishes.

Description: Monument is a 4.5 foot-in-circumference Vermont marble shaft that is seventeen foot high topped with a sculptured eagle. The base is 5.9 foot square with inscriptions. A tall fluted Corinthian column topped by an eagle with wings spread.