Sykes Avenue

Sykes Avenue Tablet.

Sykes Avenue sign. Gettysburg June 2012

Erected: 1896. The road was realigned between 1935-1938.

Location: Located on Little Round Top & extends from Wheatfield Road to Warren Avenue.

Description: Cast iron avenue tablet designed by E.B. Cope. Mounted on fluted post, overall height is 3.’

Sykes Avenue was constructed by War Department in 1897 to follow positions defended by 5th Corps under command of General Sykes. Constructed to make Little Round Top accessible to tourists. Altered portion, circa 1935, includes 10′ wide by 600′ long dirt covered asphalt trace from woods S of Ave & ends at intersection of Sykes & Wheatfield Road. Realigned by NPS in 1935-38.