Third Corps Army of the Potomac Field Hospital Monument

The Army of the Potomac’s Third Corps field hospital is honored by a monument.

3rd Corps hospital Monument. Gettysburg November 2011

Dedicated: Finished in August 1914. The locations were noted with wooden stakes in 1901.

Location: The Third Corps hospital marker is located on the Hospital Road, 1,500 feet northeast from the John Trostle house. (This part of the road is now known as the Goulden Road.) Hospitals were located in houses and barns near the marker from July 2 to August 6, 1863.

Description: Rough-hewn granite monolith with a bronze tablet shaped like a Maltese cross mounted on slanted face.


Army of the Potomac
Medical Department
Field Hospitals
Third Corps

The Division Field Hospitals of the Third Corps were located July 2nd in houses and barns along the Taneytown Road from the Schoolhouse Road to the Mill Road. During the night they were removed to the south side of White Run three hundred yards from its junction with Rock Creek. These Hospitals cared for more than 2500 wounded. They were closed about August 6th 1863.

Medical Director 3rd Corps Surgeon Thomas Sim U.S. Volunteers
1st Division Surgeon J.W. Lyman 57th Pennsylvania Infantry
2nd Division Assistant Surgeon J.T. Calhoun U.S. Army
Medical Officer in charge of the Corps Hospitals Surgeon Thaddeus Hildreth 3rd Maine Infantry.