First Corps Army of the Potomac Field Hospital Monument

The Army of the Potomac’s First Corps field hospital is honored by a monument.

1st Corps field hospital monument  Gettysburg September 2013

Dedicated: Finished in August 1914. The locations were noted with wooden stakes in 1901.

Location: The First Corps hospital marker is located near White Church near the intersection of the White Church Road and the Baltimore Pike between Gettysburg and the town of Two Taverns.

The First Corps field hospitals were located near this monument. The First Division hospital was located at Mark’s German Reformed Church. (The church that now stands there was built a few years after the battle). The Second Division used the Isaac Lightner primarily; the house still stands on the property.

Description: Rough-hewn granite monolith with a bronze tablet shaped like a Maltese cross mounted on slanted face.


Army of the Potomac
Medical Department
Field Hospitals
First Corps

The Division Field Hospitals of the First Corps were located July 1st at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, the Penna. College, the Courthouse, and other churches and buildings in Gettysburg. When these fell into the hands of the Confederates the chief medical officers remained with the wounded.

July 2nd Hospitals were established near White Church on the Baltimore Pike. These Hospitals cared for 2379 wounded.

Medical Director 1st Corps Surgeon J.T. Heard U.S. Volunteers
1st Division Surgeon G.W. New 7th Indiana Infantry
2nd Division Surgeon C.J. Nordquist 83rd N.Y. Infantry
3rd Division Surgeon W.T. Humphrey 149th Penna. Infantry
Medical Officer in charge of the Corps Hospitals Surgeon A.J. Ward 2nd Wisconsin Infantry.