Muhlenberg’s Brigade Monument (12-A)

The Twelfth Corps’  Artillery Brigade is honored by a monument.

Muhlenburg's Brigade Gettysburg August 2012

Location: Located south side of Hunt Avenue at Baltimore Pike.

Description: Erected 1912. One of 74 Union brigade monuments erected at Gettysburg by the United States War Department to describe the movements and itinerary of each Union brigade of the Army of the Potomac. The monuments were designed by E.B. Cope. Many of the inscription tablets were made of bronze melted down from Civil War cannons. The pedestal consists of sea-green granite with a square base. Base tapers to a smaller dimension at the tablet. On each pedestal is mounted a bronze inscription tablet describing the movements and actions of the unit.


Lieut. Edward D. Muhlenberg
1st New York Battery M Four 10 Pounders Lieut. Charles E. Winegar

Penna. Battery E Six 10 Pounders Lieut. Charles A. Atwell
4th U. S. Battery F Six 10 Pounders Lieut. Sylvanus T Rugg
5th U. S. Battery K Four 10 Pounders Lieut. David H. Kinzie

July 1. About noon two batteries moved from Two Taverns with First Division toward the Hanover Road to within a mile and a half of Gettysburg. The other two batteries moved with Second Division and encamped for the night the same distance from town.

July 2. In the afternoon three guns of Battery E Penna. and two of Battery K 5th U. S. were placed on the summit of Culp’s Hill and were engaged at once with the Confederate artillery. At night Battery E Penna. and Battery M 1st New York were placed on Powers’s and McAllister’s Hills. Battery F 4th U. S. and Battery K 5th U. S. at the base of Powers’s Hill.

July 3. Battery F 4th U. S. and Battery K 5th U. S. in rear of the centre of the Corps. Battery E Penna. and Battery A Maryland six 3 inch rifles from the Reserve Artillery on Powers’s Hill all commanding the valley of Rock Creek. At daylight the artillery (26) guns opened on the position occupied by Major Gen. Johnson’s Division and fired for about 15 minutes then ceased to allow the infantry to advance. Began firing again at 5.30 and continued at intervals until 10.30 A. M. when the Confederates were forced from their position along the entire line.

Casualties 9 men wounded 3 mortally