June 30, 1863 – Army of the Potomac Itinerary Tablet

This is one of nine tablets which describe the movements of the Army of the Potomac.

AOP IT Gettysburg March 2010

Location: East Cemetery Hill, the Baltimore Pike.

Description: Erected 1901. One of nine rough hewn granite bases with bronze plaque affixed to the front that explain the movements of the Union Army of the Potomac during the Gettysburg Campaign. These tablets were in storage for many years.


Headquarters of the Army moved from Middleburg to Taneytown. First Corps marched from Emmitsburg to Marsh Creek. Third Corps from Taneytown to Bridgeport. Fifth Corps from Liberty via Johnsville, Union Bridge and Union to Union Milles. Sixth Corps from New Windsor to Manchester. Twelfth Corps from Taneytown and Bruceville to Littlestown. First and Second Brigades First Cavalry Division from near Fairfield via Emmitsburg to Gettysburg. Second Cavalry Division from New Windsor to Westminster and thence to Manchester. Third Cavalry Division from Littlestown to Hanover and the Artillery Reserve from Bruceville to Taneytown. Fight at Hanover Pennsylvania. Skirmishes at Westminster Md., Fairfield and Sporting Hill near Harrisburg Pennsylvania.