Randolph’s Brigade Monument (3-A) (Peach Orchard)

The Third Corps’ Artillery Brigade is honored by two monuments.

Randolph's Brigade Gettysburg May 2009

Location: Located on Southeast corner of Emmitsburg and Wheatfield Roads, in Peach Orchard.

Description: Oddly, the Third Corps artillery has two monuments at Gettysburg. One is in the Division/Corps style, a rectangular upright rough hewn monument with bronze plaque affixed to the front.


Capt. George E. Randolph Capt. A. Judson Clark

Battery B, 1st New Jersey Six 10 Pounders Capt. A. Judson Clark
Lieut. Robert Sims
Battery D, 1st New York Six 12 Pounders Capt. George B. Winslow
4th New York Battery Six 10 Pounders Capt. James E. Smith
Battery E, 1st Rhode Island Six 12 Pounders Lieut. John K. Bucklyn
Lieut. Benjamin Freeborn
Battery K, 4th United States Six 12 Pounders Lieut. Francis W. Seeley
Lieut. Robert James

July 2. Upon the advance of the 3D Corps between 2 and 3 P. M. the 4th N. Y. Battery was posted near Devil’s Den, Battery D, 1st N. Y. in the Wheatfield. Battery B, 1st N. J. near the Peach Orchard north of Wheatfield Road; Battery E, 1st R. I. on same road near the right of First Division and Battery K, 4th U. S. near the left of Second Division.

About 3.30 P M. Lt. Colonel F. McGilvery brought from the Artillery Reserve the 9th Mass. Battery, which was posted on the Wheatfield Road east of the Peach Orchard; 5th Mass. Battery (1Oth N. Y. Battery attached) within a 100 yards of 9th Mass. Battery and 15th N. Y. Battery to the east side of the Peach Orchard.

Later and during the battle, there was brought up Penna. Battery C & F, which took position at the salient in the Peach Orchard, and Battery F & K, 3D U. S. posted near the Roger House. Battery I, 5th U. S. was brought from 5th Corps and relieved Battery G, 1st New York.

Casualties Killed 8 Men Wounded 3 Officers 78 Men Captured or Missing 17 Men Total 10