Graham’s Brigade Monument (3-1-1)

The Third Corps’ First Division’s First Brigade is honored by a monument.

graham's brigade Gettysburg May 2009

Location: Located east side of Emmitsburg Road, south of United States Avenue.

Description: Erected 1912. One of 74 Union brigade monuments erected at Gettysburg by the United States War Department to describe the movements and itinerary of each Union brigade of the Army of the Potomac. The monuments were designed by E.B. Cope. Many of the inscription tablets were made of bronze melted down from Civil War cannons. The pedestal consists of sea-green granite with a square base. Base tapers to a smaller dimension at the tablet. On each pedestal is mounted a bronze inscription tablet describing the movements and actions of the unit.


Brig. Gen. Charles K. Graham
Col. Andrew H. Tippin
57th (8 Cos.) 63d 68th 105th 114th 141st
Pennsylvania Infantry

July 1. Arrived between 5 and 6 P. M.

July 2. The Corps having relieved Second Division Twelfth Corps in the morning the Brigade took position on the right of the Division connecting with Second Division on the right. Between 2 and 3 P. M. advanced to the Emmitsburg Road and took position at the Peach Orchard supported by 3D Maine 3D Michigan 2D New Hampshire and 7th New Jersey. About 3 P. M. artillery opened on the Confederate columns moving to the left and soon thereafter the Confederate artillery replied and later the Brigade was attacked by Major Gen. McLaws’s Division and forced back by superior numbers in front and on the flanks and at sunset it fell back with the Division. Brig. Gen. Graham was wounded and captured at the Peach Orchard.

July 3. The Brigade was in reserve during the day.

Casualties Killed 6 Officers 61 Men Wounded 45 Officers 463 Men Captured or Missing 6 Officers 159 Men Total 740