Meredith’s Brigade Monument (1-1-1)

The First Corps’ First Division’s First Brigade is honored by a monument.

Monument to Meredith's Brigade. original (22886) Gettysburg June 2011

Location: East side of Meredith Avenue in Reynolds Woods.

Description: One of 74 Union brigade monuments erected at Gettysburg by the United States War Department to describe the movements and itinerary of each Union brigade of the Army of the Potomac. The monuments were designed by E.B. Cope. Many of the inscription tablets were made of bronze melted down from Civil War cannons. The pedestal consists of sea-green granite with a square base. Base tapers to a smaller dimension at the tablet. On each pedestal is mounted a bronze inscription tablet describing the movements and actions of the unit.


Brig. Gen. Solomon Meredith
Col. William W. Robinson
19th Indiana 24th Michigan
2D 6th 7th Wisconsin Infantry

July 1. Arrived at 10 A. M. went into position and charged Brig. Gen. Archer’s Brigade in Reynolds’s Woods forced the Confederate line across Willoughby Run capturing Brig. Gen. Archer and many prisoners. The 19th Indiana 24th Michigan and the 2D and 7th Wisconsin retired and formed line in Reynolds Woods the 6th Wisconsin having come to the support of Second Brigade against Brig. Gen. Davis’s Brigade Major Gen. Heth’s Division. At 4 P. M. being outflanked and hard pressed the Brigade retired under a heavy fire of infantry and artillery to Seminary Ridge and thence to Cemetery Hill and to the north slope of Culps Hill and entrenched.

July 2. Repulsed without loss a sharp attack at right. About sunset the 6th Wisconsin went to the support of Third Brigade Second Division Twelfth Corps and assisted in repelling attacks during the night.

July 3. Repulsed a sharp attack in the morning without loss.

Casualties Killed 13 Officers 158 Men Wounded 54 Officers 666 Men Captured or Missing 13 Officers 249 Men Total 1153.