Walker’s Brigade Monument

Walker’s “Stonewall” Brigade of Johnson’s Division of Ewell’s Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia is honored by a monument.

Monument to Walker's Brigade. original (20145) original (20145) Gettysburg April 2011

Dedicated: December 19, 1910.

Location: Located on East side of East Confederate Avenue in Culp’s Farm, in woods near Spangler Meadow.

Description: One of 64 Confederate brigade monuments.  Monolith consisting of polished smooth red Maine granite pedestal with a circular base. On each pedestal is mounted a bronze inscription tablet describing the movements and actions of the unit. Erected by the U.S. War Department and designed by E.B. Cope. They indicate the general location of the centers of the various Confederate brigades and artillery battalions during several phases of the battle. Bronze from melted Civil War cannons was used to create many of the inscription tablets.


C. S. A.
2nd 4th 5th 27th 33rd Virginia Infantry

July 2. Guarded Division all day on its flank from Union forces in woods near by skirmishing with them sharply at times and finally driving them away. After dark crossed Rock Creek and rejoined the Division which had crossed about 6 P. M. and occupied part of the Union breastworks.

July 3. Took part in the unsuccessful struggle lasting from daybreak until near noon and then retired to the foot of the hill and from thence about midnight moved with the Division and Corps to Seminary Ridge.

July 4. Occupied Seminary Ridge. About 10 P. M. began the march to Hagerstown.

Present about 1450 Killed 35 Wounded 208 Missing 87 Total 330