O’Neal’s Brigade Monument (Culp’s Hill)

O’Neal’s Brigade of Rodes’ Division of Ewell’s Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia is honored by two monuments.

O'Neal's Brigade Gettysburg February 2009

Location: East Confederate Avenue, east slope of Culp’s Hill. Located on East side of East Confederate Avenue, in woods below Culp’s Hill and near Rock Creek.

Description: One of 64 Confederate brigade monuments.  Monolith consisting of polished smooth red Maine granite pedestal with a circular base. On each pedestal is mounted a bronze inscription tablet describing the movements and actions of the unit. Erected by the U.S. War Department and designed by E.B. Cope. They indicate the general location of the centers of the various Confederate brigades and artillery battalions during several phases of the battle. Bronze from melted Civil War cannons was used to create many of the inscription tablets.


C. S. A.
3rd 5th 6th 12th 26th Alabama Infantry

July 3. After taking part in the battle of the First and Second Days elsewhere on the field the Brigade leaving the 5th Regiment on guard marched at 2 A. M. from its position in town to Culp’s Hill to reinforce Johnson’s Division. Arrived at daybreak and was soon under fire but not actively engaged until 8 A. M. when it advanced against breastworks on the eastern slope of the main summit of the Hill gaining there a position near the Union works and holding it under a terrific fire for three hours until withdrawn by Gen. Johnson with his entire line to the base of the hill near the creek. From thence it moved during the night to Seminary Ridge west of the town and rejoined Rodes’ Division.

July 4. Occupied Seminary Ridge. Late at night began the march to Hagerstown.

Present 1650 Killed 73 Wounded 430 Missing 193 Total 696