Nicholl’s Brigade Monument

Nicholl’s Brigade of Johnson’s Division of Ewell’s Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia is honored by a monument.

Monument to Nicholl's Brigade. Gettysburg June 2012

Dedicated: December 19, 1910.

Location: Located on East side of East Confederate Avenue in woods at base of Culp’s Hill.

Description: One of 64 Confederate brigade monuments.  Monolith consisting of polished smooth red Maine granite pedestal with a circular base. On each pedestal is mounted a bronze inscription tablet describing the movements and actions of the unit. Erected by the U.S. War Department and designed by E.B. Cope. They indicate the general location of the centers of the various Confederate brigades and artillery battalions during several phases of the battle. Bronze from melted Civil War cannons was used to create many of the inscription tablets.


C. S. A.
1st 2nd 10th 14th 15th Louisiana Infantry

July 1. Arrived near nightfall and took position east of Rock Creek north of Hanover road and on the right of the Division.

July 2. About 6 P. M. changing to left of Jones’s Brigade crossed the creek attacked Union forces on Culp’s Hill drove in their outposts and reached and held a line about 100 yards from their breastworks against which a steady fire was maintained for hours and some vigorous but unsuccessful assaults made.

July 3. At dawn the Brigade reopened fire and continued it for many hours then retired to line near the creek whence about midnight it moved with Division and Corps to Seminary Ridge.

July 4. Occupied Seminary Ridge. About 10 P. M. began the march to Hagerstown.

Present about 1100 Killed 43 Wounded 309 Missing 36 Total 388