Wofford’s Brigade Advanced Position Tablet

Wofford’s Brigade of McLaws’ Division of Longstreet’s First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia is honored by a monument and an advanced position tablet.

Wofford's Brigade Gettysburg September 2009

Dedicated: 1907.

Location: Emmitsburg Road, opposite the Peach Orchard. Located on West side of Emmitsburg Road, opposite the Peach Orchard.

Description: Cast iron tablet mounted on a fluted cast iron post denotes advanced position of the brigade during the battle. Inscription is painted in a contrasting color. The monument was recast after the original was destroyed in a vehicular accident.


16th 18th 24th Regiments Cobb’s and Phillip’s Legions Georgia Infantry

July 2. Arrived at 4 P. M. and formed line 500 yards west of here ordered to the front about 6 o’clock. Advanced soon afterwards along Wheatfield Road struck the Union line near the Loop and joined Kershaw’s Brigade in driving the Union forces through the Wheatfield to the base of Little Round Top. Assailed by Union reinforcements and receiving orders to withdraw the Brigade fell back at sunset to the cover of the woods west of the Wheatfield.

July 3. One regiment was left on outpost duty in that grove. The others supported artillery on Peach Orchard Ridge. All withdrew late in the afternoon.

July 4. In line 500 yards west of here all day. At midnight began the march to Hagerstown.

Present about 1355 Killed 36 Wounded 207 Missing 112 Total 355