Kershaw’s Brigade Monument

Kershaw’s Brigade of McLaws’ Division of Longstreet’s First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia is honored by a monument and an advanced position tablet. Kershaw’s Brigade is also honored by a privately raised monument.

Kershaw's Brigade Monument Gettysburg September 2013

Dedicated: December 19, 1910.


Description: One of 64 Confederate brigade monuments.  Monolith consisting of polished smooth red Maine granite pedestal with a circular base. On each pedestal is mounted a bronze inscription tablet describing the movements and actions of the unit. Erected by the U.S. War Department and designed by E.B. Cope. They indicate the general location of the centers of the various Confederate brigades and artillery battalions during several phases of the battle. Bronze from melted Civil War cannons was used to create many of the inscription tablets.


C. S. A.
2nd 3rd 7th 8th 15th Regiments and 3D Battalion South Carolina

July 2. Arrived at 3.30 P. M. and formed line here. Advanced about 4.30 to battle. The 8th and 2D Regiments and 3D Battalion shared in the attack on Peach Orchard and batteries near there on Wheatfield Road. The 7th and 3D Regiments were engaged in the long and severe conflict at and around the Loop. The 15th Regiment fought on Rose Hill and in the ravine and forest beyond. Late in the evening the Brigade took part in the general advance by which the Union forces were forced from the Wheatfield and across Plum Run Valley. At dark under orders it retired to Peach Orchard.

July 3. At Peach Orchard until noon then sent farther to front. At 1 P. M. under orders resumed position here extending line to right and keeping in touch with Hood’s Division on left.

July 4. About midnight began the march to Hagerstown Md.

Present about 1800 Losses 630