Pender’s Division, Hill’s Corps Monument

The Monument to Pender’s Division, Hill’s Third Corps.

Pender's Division. Gettysburg June 2010

Dedicated: 1907.

Location: West side of West Confederate Avenue, North of McMillan Woods.  Marks the command position of Pender’s CS Division during Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863.

Description: One of ten Confederate division monuments that describe the movements and itinerary of each division of the Army of Northern Virginia. The locations of the markers indicate the general location of the battle lines of the various Confederate divisions during the battle.


C. S. A.
Major Gen. William D. Pender Brig. Gen. James H. Lane
Major Gen. I. R. Trimble

First Brigade Col. Abner Perrin
Second Brigade Brig. James H. Lane
Third Brigade Brig. Gen. Edward L. Thomas
Fourth Brigade Brig. Gen. A. M. Scales
Lieut. Col. G. T Gordon
Col. W. Lee J. Lowrance
Artillery Battalion
Four Batteries Major William T Poague

July 1. The Division moved about 8 A. M. in the direction of Gettysburg following Heth’s division. A line of battle was formed on the right and left of the Pike 3 miles from the town. About 3 P. M. a part of Ewell’s Corps appeared on the left and the Union forces making a strong demonstration an advance was ordered. Heth became vigorously engaged. The Division moved to the support passing through the lines forced the Union troops to Seminary Ridge. The Division reformed on the Ridge the left resting on Fairfield Road.

July 2. In position on the ridge not engaged except heavy skirmishing along the line.

July 3. During the morning two Brigades ordered to report to Lieut. Gen. Longstreet as a support to Gen. Pettigrew and were placed in rear of right of Heth’s Division which formed a portion of the column of assault. The line moved forward one mile in view of the fortified position on Cemetery Ridge, exposed to severe fire. The extreme right reached the works but was compelled to fall back. The Division reformed where it rested before making the attack.

July 4. The Division during the night took up the line of march.

Casualties Killed 262 Wounded 1312 Missing 116 Total 1690