Hood’s Division, Longstreet’s Corps Monument

The Monument to Hood’s Division, Longstreet’s First Corps.

Hood's division

Dedicated: 1907.

Location: Located on West side of South Confederate Avenue, near junction and South of Emmitsburg Road.

Description: One of ten Confederate division monuments that describe the movements and itenirary of each division of the Army of Northern Virginia. The locations of the markers indicate the general location of the battle lines of the various Confederate divisions during the battle.


C. S. A.
Maj. Gen. J. B. Hood Brig. Gen. E. M. Law

Law’s Brigade Brig. Gen. E. M. Law
Col. James L. Sheffield
Robertson’s Brigade Brig. Gen. J. B. Robertson
Anderson’s Brigade Brig. George T Anderson
Lieut. Col. William Luffman
Benning’s Brigade Brig. Gen. Henry L. Benning
Artillery Battalion
Four Batteries Major M. W. Henry

July 1. On the march to Gettysburg. Encamped about four miles from the field with the exception of Law’s Brigade left on picket at New Guilford.

July 2. Law’s Brigade joined from New Guilford about noon. The Division was formed on extreme right of the Army and then directed to drive in and envelop the Union left. About 4 P. M. the batteries opened and soon after the Division moved forward. After a severe struggle the Union line retired to the ridge in rear. The ground fought over was obstructed by stone fences and very difficult. The movement was partially successful the battle continuing until nearly dark. The advance gained was held.

July 3. Occupied the ground gained and with the exception of resisting a Cavalry charge and heavy skirmishing was not engaged.

July 4. The Division took up the line of march during the night.

Casualties Killed 343 Wounded 1504 Missing 442 Total 2289