Heth’s Division, Hill’s Corps Monument

The Monument to Heth’s Division, Hill’s Third Corps.

Monument to Heth's Division. Gettysburg March 2012

Dedicated: 1907.

Location: West side of West Confederate Avenue, across from North Carolina Memorial.

Description: One of ten Confederate division monuments that describe the movements and itenirary of each division of the Army of Northern Virginia. The locations of the markers indicate the general location of the battle lines of the various Confederate divisions during the battle.


C. S. A.
Major Gen. Henry Heth Brig. Gen. J. J. Pettigrew

First Brigade Brig. Gen. J. J. Pettigrew
Col. J. K. Marshall
Second Brigade Col. J. M. Brockenbrough
Third Brigade Brig. Gen. James A. Archer
Col. B. D. Fry
Col. S. G. Shepard
Fourth Brigade Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Davis
Artillery Brigade
Four Batteries Lieut. Col. John J. Garnett

July 1. The Division moved at 5 A. M. from Cashtown toward Gettysburg. About 3 miles from town the advance met the Union Forces. Archer’s and Davis’ Brigades moved forward on the right and left of the turnpike were soon engaged. The Brigades were forced to retire with heavy loss. After resting for an hour the Division was advanced in line of battle to the right of the pike and met with stubborn resistance. Rodes’ Division Second Corps appeared on the left and formed a line at right angles. The Union troops retired to a wooded hill in the rear and finally gave way. The Division bivouacked on the ground won.

July 2. The Division in the morning was relieved by Anderson and held in reserve.

July 3. The Division occupied the position of the day before and was ordered to report to Lieut. Gen. Longstreet to unite in the attack on the Union centre. The assault was made and failed. The Division returned to its former position.

July 4. At night the Division took up line of march.