3rd Division, 11th Corps, Army of the Potomac Monument

The monument to the 3rd Division of the 11th Corps, Army of the Potomac.

Schurz's Division Gettysburg June 2010

Dedicated: 1910.

Location: Located south side of West Howard Avenue, east of Mummasburg Road.

Description: One of 22 Union division monuments that describe the movements and itinerary of each division of the Army of the Potomac. Designed by E. B. Cope and erected by the U.S. War Department. Concrete foundation, Winnsboro (South Carolina) granite monument, bronze inscription tablet. Seven foot tall monolith.


Major General Carl Schurz

First Brigade Brig. Gen. Alex Schimmelfennig
Col. George Von Amsberg
Second Brigade Col. W. Krzyzanowski

July 1. Arrived about noon and advanced to connect with the right of First Corps. The First Division on the right but was repulsed by a strong artillery and infantry fire from Rodes’s Division Ewell’s Corps. Engaged until past 4 P. M. and then retreated through the town to Cemetery Hill bringing up the rear of the Corps and took position behind stone walls with the First Division on right and Second or left. Skirmishers in houses 300 to 500 yards front.

July 2. In position in two lines behind stone walls of the cemetery. At 7 P. M. the First Brigade was sent to support the First Division on right. One regiment remained there four regiments went further to the right and assisted in repelling at 9 P M. an attack made through woods on First Corps. Between 8 and 9 P. M. an attack on East Cemetery Hill was made by Hays’s Louisiana Brigade and a detachment from Second Brigade was hastened to the point of attack and after a short and vigorous hand to hand conflict the attack was repulsed..

July 3. Not engaged except skirmishing.

July 4. Detachment from Division entered town and captured over 300 Confederates left on the retreat of their forces.

Casualties Killed 20 Officers 113 Men Wounded 56 Officers 628 Men Captured or Missing 33 Officers 626 Men Total 1476