1st Division, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac Monument

The monument to the 1st Division of the 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac.

wadsworth's division Gettysburg June 2011

Dedicated: 1910.

Location: West side of North Reynolds Avenue just North of Chambersburg Pike.

Description: One of 22 Union division monuments that describe the movements and itinerary of each division of the Army of the Potomac. Designed by E. B. Cope and erected by the U.S. War Department. Concrete foundation, Winnsboro (South Carolina) granite monument, bronze inscription tablet. Seven foot tall monolith.


Brig. General James S. Wadsworth

First Brigade Brig. Gen. Solomon Meredith
Col. Wm. W. Robinson
Second Brigade Brig. General Lysander Cutler

July 1. Arrived at 10 A. M. the first Union Infantry on the field. Formed across Chambersburg Pike relieving First Division Cavalry Corps and was immediately attacked by Archer’s and Davis’s Brigades Heth’s Confederate Division which was repulsed with heavy losses. At 2 P. M. both sides having been heavily reinforced the fighting was renewed with great energy. The two brigades fighting separately where most needed. At 4 P. M. the Confederates having advanced in superior numbers and enveloping both flanks the Division retired by order of the general commanding to Cemetery Hill and went into position on north side of Culps Hill.

July 2 & 3. Entrenched on Culp’s Hill and repulsed attacks made in the evening of second and morning of third.

Casualties Killed 19 Officers 280 Men Wounded 98 Officers 1131 Men Captured or Missing 15 Officers 612 Men Total 2155