Longstreet’s Corps, Army of Northern Virginia Monument

The Monument to Longstreet’s First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

longstreet's corps Gettysburg May 2009

Dedicated: December 1906.

Location: Located west side of West Confederate Avenue, South of intersection with the Millerstown Road.

Description: A rectangular granite monument, with a large bronze tablets thereon, describing the engagements and movements of each army corps. Rock-faced granite monolith, 4’2″x2″, 7′ high, with bronze narrative tablet mounted on obverse polished face. Erected by the United States War Department.


Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws

Kershaw’s Brigade Brig. Gen. J. B. Kershaw
Barksdale’s Brigade Brig. Gen. William Barksdale
Col. B. G. Humphreys
Semmes’ Brigade Brig. Gen. R J. Semmes
Col. George Bryan
Wofford’s Brigade Brig Gen. W. T Wofford
Artillery Battalion
Four Batteries Col. H. C. Cabell

July 1. The Division reached Marsh Creek four miles from Gettysburg after dark.

July 2. The Division was placed in position facing the Union line on the Emmitsburg Road. About 4 P. M. the batteries opened on the position the Division pressing to the front and the Union troops retiring to the hill in rear. The battle continued until nearly night when a strong Union force met the supporting Division which was cooperating on the left and drove one brigade back and checked the support of the other brigade exposing the left. It was thought prudent not to push further until other troops of the Corps came up. The Division was withdrawn to the first position of Union troops resting at the Peach Orchard the conflict to be renewed in the morning when other orders were received.

July 3. With the exception of severe skirmishing the Division was not engaged and after night disposition were made to withdraw.

July 4. The Division took up the line of march during the night.

Casualties Killed 313 Wounded 1538 Captured or Missing 327 Total 2178