Headquarters of Major General George Meade

The headquarters marker for Major General George G. Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac.

Monument to Union General George Meade headquarters. General Meade's headquarters cannon Gettysburg August 2012

Dedicated: June 1913.

Location: Located at the Leister Farm along former Meade Avenue. Denotes the location of General Meade’s headquarters at the Leister Farm.

Description: One of ten Civil War US Headquarter Markers in the Park. Bronze cannon mounted on a granite base. Erected by the Gettysburg National Parks Commission. Designed by Emmor B. Cope of the War Department. Rough-hewn, coursed, 3 part base, 3’2″sq, 2’7″H. Cannon tube mounted upright on base. Overall 10’6″H. Inscription tablet on north side and faces public roads and park avenues.