Headquarters of Lieutenant General Richard Ewell

The headquarters marker for Lieut. General Richard Ewell, commander of the Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Headquarters of General Richard S. Ewell. Ewell's headquarters monumento Gettysburg September 2011

Dedicated: 1920-1921.

Location: Located on Hanover Road west of Rock Creek, Borough of Gettysburg. Marker is located on the northeast side of the intersection of Hanover Road and 6th Street. Denotes the location of the headquarters of the Army of Northern Virginia’s Second Corps.

Description: Erected by the Gettysburg National Parks Commission. Designed by Emmor B. Cope of the War Department. One of four Civil War CSA Headquarter Markers in the Park.  Consists of a heavy 12-pounder bronze cannon mounted on a granite base.


Army of Northern Virginia
2nd Corps Headquarters
Lieut. General
Richard S. Ewell
Major Genl. Jubal A. Early
Major Genl. Edward Johnson
Major Genl. R.E. Rodes
July 1,2,3,4,5, 1863