Signal Corps Monument

The Signal Corps Monument.

Memorial Tablet / to the / Signal Corps U.S.A. / which / through valiant and heroic / services at / Little Round Top / July 2-4 1863 / and on many historic battle fields throughout the war of 1861-1865 / contributed so greatly to the / success of the Union Armies. / This tablet is placed by their / surviving comrades in tribute / to their / memory Gettysburg May 2009

Dedicated: May 1919.

Location: Located on Little Round Top behind General Warren statue.

Description: Bronze plaque inset into a natural Gettysburg boulder. Marker is a bronze tablet mounted on the northeast side of signal rock. An eagle in relief surmounts the tablet with its talons holding an olive branch and unsheathed arrows. Two signal flags are located beneath the eagle and above an inscription.