Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Memorial

The Lincoln Speech (Gettysburg Address) Memorial.

lincoln speech monument Gettysburg June 2008

Dedicated: Jan. 24, 1912. Rededicated Nov. 20, 1967.

Location: Located near the National Cemetery’s south entrance off of the Taneytown Road.

Description: A bronze bust of Lincoln rests on a granite pedestal in the center of a curved granite wall. Flanking the bust are two rectangular bronze plaques, one inscribed with the Gettysburg Address and one inscribed with the text of a letter to Lincoln. The memorial cost $5,000. It was designed by Louis Henrick. Disagreements over where to place the monument delayed the completion of the monument which was originally slated to be erected to commemorate the Gettysburg Address as part of the 1895 bill introduced by General Dan Sickles that created the Gettysburg National Military Park. Stars above the plaque symbolize the states which remained loyal to the Union. It has truncated obelisks flanking a central granite slab that back a bronze Lincoln bust mounted on a pedestal. The central slab and obelisks are joined by elliptical granite walls on which are mounted bronze tablets inscribed with the Gettysburg Address and David Wills’ invitation to Lincoln to attend the cemetery dedication. The flanking walls contain a frieze with a relief of five-pointed stars and battle-axes.