High Water Mark of the Rebellion Monument

High Water Mark of the Rebellion Monument.

high water mark monument Gettysburg October 2007

Location: Hancock Avenue at the Copse of Trees.

Description: An oversized open book is propped up on a pyramid of cannon balls. The work stands on a tapered square base, a tiered square base and a small, low-stepped plaza and is flanked by a cannons and small pyramidal stacks of cannon balls. The inscription on the pages of the open book lists the divisions and brigades from both the Union and Confederate armies who participated in Longstreet’s assault. It was designed by John B. Bachelder, historian, park superintendent and later supervisor of tablets and inscriptions for the Battlefield Memorial Association. The piece marks the site where a decisive battle was fought. Two cannons with a stack of cannonballs piled next to them are also part of the memorial. The $6,500.00 cost was borne by the 14 states listed on a plaque on the monument. The monument consists of Fox Island and Quincy granite and standard bronze.