Colonel George H. Ward Wounding Monument

Colonel George H. Ward served as the commander of the 15th Massachusetts Infantry.  The spot where he fell mortally wounded on July 2 is marked by a monument.

Monument to the 15th Massachusetts - where Colonel George Ward was killed. Gettysburg March 2012

Dedicated: June 2, 1886.

Location: Field near Codori Farm off of the Emmitsburg Road. Located in the Codori farm field off the Emmitsburg Road northwest of the Angle.

Description: Marker is a two-part granite shaft topped by a pyramidal cap and set on a 6.5 foot square concrete pad (1896). A square granite shaft adorned with a circular bronze relief plaque featuring a bust of Col. George H. Ward. It has an incised inscription on the front and back and a bronze bas-relief of Ward on the front.