John Page Nicholson Monument

Lieut. John Page Nicholson served as the quartermaster of the 28th Pennsylvania Infantry. After the War, Nicholson served as the Chairman of the Gettysburg National Park Commission from 1893-1922. Under his auspices, many of the monuments, including the markers that denote the location of each brigade, division, and corps, as well as the location of the field hospitals, were completed and placed.

John Page Nicholson Monument. John Nicholson Monument.  John Page Nicholson. Gettysburg August 2012

Dedicated: 1925.

Location: North Hancock Avenue opposite the Angle.

Description: Marker is a monolithic granite shaft with rough cut sides and rear, and a smooth cut face with a bronze United States eagle medallion on the bottom and a bronze tablet in the face.Granite monument with bronze plaques. Only marker commemorating member of the Gettysburg National Park Commission.