Father William Corby

Father William Corby was the chaplain of the Irish Brigade at Gettysburg.

Father William Corby Monument. Gettysburg December 2011

Dedicated: 1911.

Location: Located on east side of South Hancock Avenue, South of the New York Auxiliary Monument.  The memorial marks the spot where Father Corby granted absolution to soldiers of the Union II Corps prior to their entering battle in the Wheatfield.

Description: A standing portrait of Father Corby with his proper left hand on his chest and his proper right hand raised in a blessing. His hat and gloves rest on the ground near his proper left foot. The sculpture is installed on top of a stone boulder. The monument was erected using funds raised by Maj. St. Clair Mullholland (commander of the 116th Pennsylvania at Gettysburg), mainly from the Catholic community. Tradition states that the statue is placed upon the actual boulder on which Corby performed the Absolution. An identical copy of this statue is located at Notre Dame.