6th Wisconsin Infantry

The 6th Wisconsin Infantry served as members of  Meredith’s Iron Brigade in Wadsworth’s Division of the First Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument and a position stone.

6th Wisconsin Monument  Gettysburg February 2013

Dedicated June 30, 1888.

Location: Monument and flanking markers are located east of north Reynolds Avenue and south of the Western Maryland Railroad cut. Marks the location near the “Railroad Cut” where the 6th Wisconsin Infantry, along with the 95th and 84th New York Regiments, charged and captured much of the 2d Mississippi Regiment on the morning of July 1, 1863.

Description: Star-shaped Iron Brigade insignia tops a polished marker which stands on a two-tiered, smooth and rough-hewn base. Decorative elements on three faces of the die include an eagle over crossed flags, figures standing on each side of a shield and crossed rifles on a knapsack. Flanking and position markers are smooth with flat polished tops.