Vermont State Monument

The Vermont State Monument.

Monument to the Vermont Brigade on Cemetery Ridge. duplicate (17935) duplicate (17934) Second Vermont Brigade Gettysburg September 2010

Dedicated: Oct. 1889.

Location: Located on the east side of Hancock Avenue approximately 300 feet south of the Copse of Trees.

Description: At the top of a tall granite column is a bronze sculpture depicting Brig. Gen. George Stannard holding a sword in his proper left hand. At the foot of the column is a square base which rests on a three granite steps. The memorial cost $11,750.00. Monument is a two-part granite shaft topped with a bronze statue of Brigadier General George Stannard and set on a six foot square stepped base. The lower part of the shaft has incised inscriptions and the Vermont coat-of-arms and the upper part is a fluted column with a Corinthian capital. Overall height is 57 feet.