16th Vermont Infantry

The 16th Vermont Infantry served as members of Stannard’s Brigade in Doubleday’s Division of the First Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument.

16th Vermont

Dedicated Sept. 1892. Relocated 1907.

Location: Hancock Avenue, east side, near Pleasonton Avenue. The monument indicates the position held by the 16th Vermont Infantry on July 3, 1863 after being driven in from the skirmish line.  It was originally located in Cordori Thicket and was moved in 1907 at the request of the Honorable Kittredge Haskins.

Description: Rough-hewn marker with a rounded contains a relief of a United States shield. Monument is a rough cut and finished granite shaft and set on a 5.11×4.3 foot base that contains a bronze tablet on the front. The shaft has an incised inscription on an angle to the shaft and excised inscriptions and shield. Overall height is 9.1 feet.