2nd United States Sharpshooters, Companies E & H (Vermont)

The 2nd United States Sharpshooters – Company E and H – served as members of  Ward’s Brigade in Birney’s Division of the Third Corps, Army of the Potomac. These companies came from Vermont and are honored by a monument.

Monument to Companies E and H, Vermont Sharpshooters. Vermont Sharpshooters Company E and H Company E and H Vermont Sharpshooters Gettysburg June 2012

Location: Located on the south side of Slyder Farm Lane in the garden area. The monument marks the position of the 2nd Sharpshooters on July 2, 1863, as they faced a marching column of Confederates in Hood’s Division.

Description: Granite monolith with reliefs of Vermont State seal, crossed muskets, and a hornet’s nest on the front. The text inscription is set within a scrolled tablet on front of the monolith. The monolith sits atop a rough-hewn base. Overall height is ten foot. Sculptured relief of hornet’s nest, crossed muskets and Vermont seal is on the north face. Inscriptions are on the east and west faces.