Tennessee State Monument

The Tennessee State Monument.

Gettysburg August 2011 010 Tennessee State Monument Gettysburg August 2011

Dedicated: 1982.

Location: East side of Confederate Avenue, south of North Carolina Monument. Marks the position of the regiments 7th & 14th Regiments of Tennessee troops on July 3, 1863, just prior to “Pickett’s Charge.”

Description: Vertical, rectangular marker stands on a rectangular base. A thin form between the sculpture and base is cut into the shape of the State of Tennessee. Two uniformed soldiers are incised on the front face. They carry a State flag and the figure on the right is looking behind him and beckoning with his proper left upraised arm. The face of the monument features three soldiers etched into the Carnelian Select Granite. The soldiers represent each of the three Tennessee regiments (all of which were part of Archer’s Brigade). It cost $25,000.00. This is the only state monument built solely through private contributions.