Pennsylvania Independent Artillery Battery F

The Pennsylvania Independent Artillery Batteries C and F are honored by a dual monument as well as separate monuments to each battery. Batteries C and F served as members of McGilvery’s Brigade of the  Army of the Potomac’s Artillery Reserve. The battery is honored by one dual monument, and monuments to each individual battery.

Monument to Hampton's Pennsylvania Battery C and F. duplicate (20395) duplicate (20394) 1st Pennsylvania Artillery Battery C and F Gettysburg April 2011

Installed between 1889 and 1893.

Location: Peach orchard, south of Wheatfield Road and east of Emmitsburg Road. It indicates the position held by Hampton’s Battery between 5:00 and 6:00 P.M. on July 2, 1863.

Description: Full-length uniformed artilleryman stands on a tapered pedestal and base. The figure holds a long rammer in both hands in a diagonal position, the tip poised above his proper left shoulder. There is an elaborate relief seal on the front of the pedestal. The main feature is a 6′ tall bronze statue of an artilleryman holding a rammer. The base of the monument is made of Westerly granite. The statue was sculpted by Murrary Hamilton.