68th Pennsylvania Infantry

The 68th Pennsylvania Infantry served as members of Graham’s Brigade in Birney’s Division of the Third Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by two monuments.

Monument to the 68th Pennsylvania Infantry. duplicate (20391) duplicate (20390) Gettysburg April 2011

Dedicated: 1886.

Location: Emmitsburg Road, the Peach Orchard. Located on the east side of Emmitsburg Road at the Peach Orchard north of Birney Avenue.

Description: Monument consists of a base, die and shaft topped with an urn finial. The monument indicates the advance position held by the 68th Pennsylvania Infantry when contesting the advance of Kershaw’s Brigade on the afternoon of on July 2, 1863. Monument is a eleven foot square white marble shaft topped with an urn and set on a 2.6 foot square base. The base has an inscription cut into the west face. Overall height is 10.2 feet. It was erected by surviving members of the regiment. This monument is made entirely of marble.