62nd Pennsylvania Infantry

The 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment served as members of  Sweitzer’s Brigade in Barnes’ Division of the Fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument.

62nd Pennsylvania Infantry Monument. Gettysburg August 2012

Dedicated: Sept. 11, 1889.

Location: Located on the east side of DeTrobriand Avenue in the Wheatfield. The monument indicates the position held by the 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry of the evening of on July 2, 1863 when Sweitzer’s brigade held the line here.

Description: Monument is comprised of a tiered base, chamfered die with incised inscriptions, a shaft with the 5th Corps insignia and a bronze State Seal tablet. A relief element on a sloped surface above the die contains crossed swords, and hat and the Bible. Monument is a three foot square smooth granite shaft with an apex top set on a 5.6 foot square rough hewn base. Overall height is fifteen feet. The shaft is chamfered with incised inscriptions, and corps insignia and a bronze state seal. The flanking markers are apex topped with inscriptions on the east face, one foot square.