56th Pennsylvania Infantry

The 56th Pennsylvania Infantry served as members of Cutler’s Brigade in Wadsworth’s Division of the First Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument.

Monument to the 56th Pennsylvania. Gettysburg September 2009

Dedicated Sept. 11, 1889.

Location: It is located on east side of north Reynolds Avenue north of the Western Maryland Railroad Cut bridge. It indicates the position held by the 56th Pennsylvania Infantry on July 1, 1863 when they opened first Union Infantry fire upon Hill’s Corps.

Description: A furled standard of a flag and two muskets atop a two-layered cylindric pedestal and low, round base. The bronze sculpture — featuring a stack of rifle muskets and a furled battle flag — is meant to symbolize the completion of a soldier’s work. It cost $1500.00. The monument is located “where the regiment delivered the opening fire of the infantry” in the battle. The flanking markers are apex topped and one foot square.