26th Pennsylvania Emergency Regiment

The 26th Pennsylvania Emergency Regiment was organized at Harrisburg on June 22, 1863 to respond to Lee’s Invasion. The regiment served as part of the Department of the Susquehanna. The regiment is honored by a monument and a position marker at Gettysburg.

Monument to the 26th Pennsylvania Emergency Regiment. Gettysburg December 2011

Dedicated: Sept. 1, 1892.

Location: Intersection of Chambersburg Street, Buford Avenue and Springs Avenue. The monument commemorates the service of the twenty-sixth Pennsylvania Emergency Regiment which marched west on Chambersburg Pike to meet head to head with Early’s division of Confederates, but were forced to withdraw toward Hunterstown.

Description: A standing figure of an infantryman entering battle with his musket at the ready. The sculpture is mounted on a granite boulder that is adorned with a bronze plaque depicting the corps insignia. The base is flanked by two bronze inscription plaques. The inscription on a plaque in the ground to the right of the monument describes the infantry troop movements from Gettysburg to Harrisburg. The inscription a plaque in the ground to the left of the monument lists the regimental statistics and Gettysburg battle statistics. The boulder at the base of the monument was damaged by phosphorus fire on the night of March 22, 1979. The monument itself was badly burned in a truck fire in 1978. This effects the monument’s bronze patina.