North Carolina State Monument

The North Carolina State Monument.

North Carolina State Monument  Gettysburg October 2014

Installed 1928. Dedicated July 3, 1929.

Location: East side of West Confederate Avenue, just north of the McMillan Woods.

Description: A bronze group of five figures representing North Carolina infantrymen charging forward in the midst of battle. Three of the figures carry guns, one carries a flag, and one kneels on the ground and points toward the enemy with his proper left hand. The monument is enclosed with a metal fence. The bronze sculpture is located approximately where Pettigrew’s brigade would have stepped off in “Pickett’s Charge.” A wounded officer urges his men on while pointing towards Cemetery Ridge. A color bearer carries the all important symbolic flag, while a veteran whispers encouragement to a younger comrade. Borglum modeled the faces on those of actual Confederate veterans. Orren Randolph Smith, designer of the “Stars and Bars,” served as the model for the face of the color bearer.