New York Officers Monument

The New York Officers Monument (also known as the New York Auxiliary Monument).

New York Officers Auxiliary Monument. New York State Auxillary Monument Gettysburg December 2011

Dedicated: September 9, 1925. Nearly 100 veterans (2/3rds of whom fought in the battle) attended the 1925 dedication of the monument.

Location: South Hancock Avenue near the Pennsylvania Monument. Located on the east side of south Hancock Avenue.

Description: Semicircular wall monument is made up of eighteen panels with a seat below, running nearly the length of the wall. The New York State Coat of Arms appears in relief on the protruding center structure which is surmounted by a eagle with wings spread upward. The names of forty-one officers who commanded units at Gettysburg are listed. Granite walk to the monument that is 8×14 foot with two, eight-inch risers. Monument is a semi-circular granite shaft twenty-four foot in diameter topped by a spread wing eagle and set on a central projecting node base. The shaft is incised with inscriptions, excised coat-of-arms, and incised commanders’ names in the circular wall part.