1st Ohio Artillery Battery K

The 1st Ohio Artillery Battery K served as members of Osborn’s Brigade in the Eleventh Corps of the Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

Heckman's Ohio Artillery Battery K

Dedicated: Sept. 14, 1887.

Location: Located at the corner of Carlisle and Lincoln Streets on the campus of Gettysburg College. The monument marks the location, now Gettysburg College near Huber Hall, of Captain Lewis Heckman’s Battery astride Carlisle Pike on July 1, 1863 as they repulsed the enemy. They were ordered to hold position while the 11th Corps retreated.

Description:  Square marker with a saddle finial stands on a rough-hewn base. The front and rear faces of the marker bear inscriptions and reliefs appear on the two sides. The relief on the right side is a wheel with crossed rammers and the relief on the left side is a wreath with crossed swords. There is a relief of the corps insignia of a crescent on the front and upward facing cannon pilasters on the corners. Overall height ten feet. Flanking marker is 1×2 feet.