150th New York Infantry

The 150th New York Infantry Regiment served as members of Lockwood’s Brigade in Williams’ Division of the Twelfth Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument and a position monument.

150th New York Gettysburg March 2008

Dedicated Sept. 17, 1889

Location: It indicates the position held by the 150th New York Infantry on July 3, 1863 from 6:00 to 8:30 A.M. under heavy Confederate fire. Indicates position held July 3, 1863 6-8:30 AM & 10-12 noon. Monument is located on the east side of North Slocum Avenue.

Description: The monument cost $4,400.00. Monument consists of five courses of rough-hewn granite and castellated pilasters and cap. Relief elements include a State Seal tondo, regimental flag and Corps star emblem. The monument is designed to be a “tower of invincible strength” and is composed of thirteen layers of stone (symbolic of the original 13 states). A bronze plaque contains the names of those who fell in the battle; an intertwined laurel and oak leaf bronze sculpture above the plaque symbolizes the citizen-soldier. The front of the monument contains a detailed history of the regiment. The monument was unveiled by Ketcham’s daughter; the flag used to drape the monument was the same flag that Sherman had raised over captured Atlanta. Monument that has two flanking markers and one position marker.