147th New York Infantry

The 147th New York Infantry served as members of Cutler’s Brigade in Wadsworth’s Division of the First Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument and position stone denoting the regiment’s location on July 2 and 3.

Monument to the 147th New York Infantry. Gettysburg December 2011

Dedicated July 1, 1888.

Location: Reynolds Avenue, east side, north of Railroad Cut. The monument indicates the position held by the 147th New York Infantry on the morning of July 1, 1863 when it was attacked by Davis’ Brigade of Confederates.

Description: Tapered shaft with cornice and apexed cap stands on a low, rough-hewn base. There is a band of stars around the upper portion of the shaft. The monument is topped with a polished sphere and the Corps disk insignia appears on the front and rear faces. There is a round State Seal relief affixed to the front of the pedestal. Above the Seal is a knapsack with canteen and cartridge box. The flanking markers are rough with a flat top one foot square. Overall height is 15.8 foot