121st New York Infantry

The 121st New York Infantry served as members of Bartlett’s Brigade in Wright’s Division of the Sixth Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument.

121st New York

Dedicated: Oct. 10, 1889.

Location: Located on Little Round Top on the west side of Sykes Avenue and south of Wheatfield Road.  The 121st regiment occupied this position on the night of July 2 and July 3, 1863.

Description: Figure of a male soldier holding a rifle before him in both hands, the rifle butt on the ground. He is dressed in uniform, with cap and back pouch. He stands with proper left leg stepping slightly forward. The sculpture is mounted atop a tiered base decorated on the rear with relief portrait medallion of Col. Emory Upton, and a medallion featuring a 6th Corps bronze cross. Overall height is 17.6 foot. Monument is a granite shaft topped with a bronze statue of an infantryman on a seven foot square base. Flanking markers are one foot square.