108th New York Infantry

The 108th New York Infantry served as members of Smyth’s Brigade in Hays’ Division of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

Monument to the 108th New York Infantry  Gettysburg February 2013

Dedicated: Sept. 4, 1888.

Location: Located on the east side of Hancock Avenue in Ziegler’s Grove.  The monument indicates the position held by the regiment on July 2nd and 3rd, 1863, supporting Woodruff’s Battery.

Description: A trefoil-shaped granite monument carved on the front with a relief depicting a battlefield scene of a soldier lying in the foreground with a rifle in his hand and an artilleryman standing in the background aiming a cannon. Above the battlefield scene is a round bronze relief plaque depicting the state seal. Monument is a two-part rough cut granite stepped shaft with a cap that contains an oversized trefoil Second Corps symbol that has a medallion on the center top petal and set on a 9.6×6 foot base. Flanking markers are one foot square.