58th New York Infantry

The 58th New York Infantry served as a member of Kryzanwoski’s Brigade in Schurz’s Division, of the Eleventh Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument.

Monument to the 58th New York Infantry. Gettysburg June 2012

Dedicated: July 2, 1888.

Location: South side of East Howard Avenue, west of Barlow Knoll. The monument marks the general position held by two companies of the 58th New York Infantry on July 1, 1863.

Description: Obelisk stands on a pedestal and rough-hewn, tiered base. Crescent corps insignia appear on the upper front and rear sides of the obelisk. Engaged columns flank the sides of the pedestal. A relief of the New York state seal is affixed to the lower front of the obelisk. Base is staggered of rough-cut and polished stone that is 7.8×5.8 foot. In June 1939, the monument was damaged by lightning and repaired.