39th New York Infantry

The 39th New York Infantry served as members of Willards’ Brigade of Hays’ Division of the Second Corps of the Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument and a position marker.

Monument to the 39th New York Gettysburg October 2012

Dedicated: July 1, 1888.

Location: East side of Hancock Avenue. The monument marks the position on the battle line held by the four companies of the 39th New York Infantry at Gettysburg on July 2 and 3, 1863.

Description: A rough granite shaft topped with a carved trefoil is adorned on the front with a bronze relief plaque depicting the state seal. The monument cost $1,500.00. Monument is a four-part granite shaft topped with a pyramid with trefoil and set on a three-part step base of which the bottom step is seven foot square. The second shaft part contains an excised inscription, a bronze medallion in the front and a bronze tablet on the reverse. Overall height is twenty feet. Flanking markers are one foot square.