1st New York Artillery, Battery K

The 1st New York Artillery – Battery K served as members of Fitzhugh’s Brigade in the Army of the Potomac’s Artillery Reserve. The battery is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

Monument to Battery K, 1st New York Artillery. 1st New York Artillery Battery K Gettysburg November 2011

Dedicated: July 2, 1888. Relocated April 1903.

Location: East side of Hancock Avenue.

Description:  Monument consists of pictorial reliefs affixed to a rounded marker which stands on a sloped, two-course base. The main relief depicts a battle scene, in which artillerymen are loading a cannon. Above this relief is round New York State Seal. The monument has rough-hewn surfaces. Monument is a two-part rough cut granite shaft with tooled edge and set on a 7×4.6 foot base. The shaft has an excised inscription, bronze bas relief, and tablet and medallion. Overall height is nineteen feet. Flanking markers are one foot square and still located at the original monument position.

It was originally installed on Pleasanton Avenue and was moved to its current site in April 1903.