1st New York Artillery Batteries E & L

The 1st New York Artillery Battery E – attached to Battery L – served as members of Wainwright’s Brigade in the First Corps, Army of the Potomac. The battery is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

Battery E, 1st New York Artillery, East Cemetery Hill monument. 1st New York Artillery Battery E Gettysburg September 2010

Location: Located on the south slope of East Cemetery Hill.

Description: Vertical, rectangular monument stands on a low base. A New York State Seal is affixed to the upper front of the monument above the inscription plaque. The surfaces of the sculpture and base are rough-hewn. The final line reads “THIS MONUMENT IS COMMITTED TO/THE CARE OF A DEAR COUNTRY/WE WERE PROUD TO/SERVE.” Monument is a monolithic rough cut granite shaft set on a 4.3×3.3 foot rough-cut granite base. The shaft has two bronze medallions on the front and rear and one bronze tablet on the front. It is accompanied by cannon mounted on cast iron carriages in earthen lunettes. Frederick & Field, fabricator. It indicates the position held by Battery E attached to Reynold’s Battery on July 2 & 3.