13th New Jersey Infantry

The 13th New Jersey Infantry served as members of Colgrove’s Brigade in Williams’ Division of the Twelfth Corps, Army of the Potomac. The regiment is honored by a monument and a company marker.

13th New Jersey Monument  Gettysburg February 2013

Installed ca. 1887. Dedicated June 29, 1887 or July 1, 1887.

Location: Carman Avenue, southeast of Spangler Spring, in McAllister Woods. It marks the position held by the 13th New Jersey Volunteers on July 3, 1863, when they supported the charge of the 2nd Massachusetts and the 27th Indiana on the breastworks of the south slope of Culp’s Hill.

Description: The monument cost $2,000.00 and was designed by members of the regiment. Relief of a uniformed Union soldier in combat position against a wooded background stands on a horizontal, rough-hewn base. The figure kneels on his proper right knee, and aims his musket, held at eye level in both hands. Uniform items include a kepi, cartridge box on belt, knapsack and canteen. The relief is on the face of a square-like die, rounded at the top with rough-hewn on the edges. The Corps star insignia appears on the reverse, along with the inscriptions. Monolithic shaft, incised regiment, bas-relief of soldier front, incised inscriptions rear.